Rocking & Winning

– sisters rock. Especially mine. 2 have had babies in the past month and the other completed a 5k mud run. They are awesome friends and support and they tell it like it is. We can converse in movie quotes and disagree without having a falling out. I’m telling ya, they rock.

– my kiddos understand the meaning of the number 24601…that’s a win

– one of my kiddos dubbed a local pond “the lake of shining waters” – also a win!

– a group of men from our church took time out of their busy lives and drove to Georgia this weekend to attend Johnny Hunt’s men’s conference so they could grow and be challenged as men, husbands and fathers. That ROCKS.

– introduced my kids to this secret buddy idea ( and they took action on it, before I even assigned buddies! WIN

– texting and blogging is turning an acquaintanceship into a friendship…even though we live an ocean apart. (ok, technically, its a gulf but its still A LOT OF WATER!) That rocks!

– my baby brother taught my son to tie his shoes. That’s a win!

– my reluctant reader decided to teach a younger sibling to read…the lesson was successful. That’s a rockin’ win!

– long-overdue date with my Hero…great food and conversation. Win!

– and speaking of my Hero…he ROCKS. Just sayin’.

– Jesus has more grace for us than we can handle. That rocks.

– actually, He doesn’t just rock, He *is* the Rock and He has defeated the enemy eternally. That means, because of the ROCK, I WIN.

What’s rocking and winning in your neck of the woods?