Hands & Feet

Today, this brother


Is flying to meet up with this girl (and some other people)


To serve these people


In this country


Together they are being the hands & feet of Christ. In Africa, they are serving…here at home, they are inspiring this kid


Who is attacking lessons in reading & writing so he can study scripture and will be prepared when his time comes to go tell and he is looking for opportunities to go tell right here at home…at 6 years old.

I am humbled and convicted. My eyes are blurred with tears.

The world is full of needs– from the homeless in your neighborhood to orphans in Guatemala to widows in Uganda and so many more! Do you care? Are you praying, giving, going? Are you being the hands & feet of Christ? Are you letting His light shine through your life…not just in big, get-everyone’s-attention kind of ways but in every little choice you make each day?

Are you living your life to make great the name of God or to make great your own name?

When I say “you” I hear the question pointed at myself. What about me…what am I doing? For today, I am praying…for the group in & headed to Uganda…for my son and his burning desire to go tell…for you, as you muse with me on how we can be hands & feet.


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