A Journey of Thankfulness – day 12

I am thankful for music.


Music speaks to my soul in a way nothing else can. The right music can shake me out of a grumpy mood. Nothing makes housework better that rockin’ out to some cool jamz. (except maybe not having to clean because someone else already did it!!) Some of the most fun and memorable times I’ve had with my kiddos were singing along to some crazy kids tunes. As much as I love good preaching, if I miss the music portion of the service I feel incomplete.

I’m grateful I can hear. I’m grateful for our minister of music, Pete Bataglia, and all the talented people that lead worship at PC’s FBC. I’m grateful for Pandora…favorite music, perfect for any occasion, available through my tv, phone or computer.

I’m grateful that singing has always been a big part of my family…my life. I’m grateful that my kiddos like to sing too. I’m grateful that my parents made it a priority for me to learn music. I wasn’t always grateful for the piano lessons at the time…but I am now. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to switch to violin and perform with a youth orchestra. That was an unbelievable experience.

I’m grateful that King David was a musician, God speaks to me through Psalms more than any other book. There is a song and a Psalm for every situation.

I am so blessed.


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