A Journey of Thankfulness – day 5

In addition to blogging my Journey of Thankfulness, I am also participating in a photo challenge called #gratitude30 from Positively Present. Each day there is a word prompt to inspire a picture and a moment of gratitude, especially for ‘little’ things. I’ve enjoyed the challenge. Today’s blogpost was inspired by yesterday’s word: clothing


I dislike laundry. Actually, I don’t mind doing laundry since all I have to do is move the pile into one machine and then to the next and I know the job will get done. What I dislike is the part that isn’t done by machines…folding! I would rather clean the toilet! Cleaning the toilet takes a couple of minutes unlike folding laundry which gobbles up hours and hours of my life. ; Now that you know where I’m coming from, let me get around to the thankfulness part of this post…

I am thankful that we have clothes. If we had no clothes we would not have any laundry and instead of whimpering about folding I would be crying for my unclothed children, for no washcloths & towels to clean ourselves with, for no sheets to sleep on or blankets to keep us warm. Perspective, eh? So today, as I attack Mt. St. Laundriousness, I am counting blessings instead of basketfulls left to fold. I’m thanking God for our washer & dryer that put up with a great deal of abuse and keep on steadily cleaning & drying load after load after load. I’m grateful that we are able to pay the electric bill to run said appliances. Not everyone lives this way, in fact, I doubt that I’m stretching to say we are the minority. Thus, folding laundry transforms from a dreaded chore to a luxurious pastime.

I am so blessed.



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