A Journey of Thankfulness – day 4

I am thankful for my kiddos! The past 8 years have been a crazy roller coaster of hilarious moments, scary illnesses, sweet hugs, and sleepless nights. I haven’t “loved every moment” but I do love my kiddos!

Patrick – I’m thankful for my oldest son. He is all-boy-tough with a sensitive soul. When I’m having a bad day, Patrick never fails to draw me an “I love Mommy” picture and give me a hug. He loves his role as big brother; he reminds the other kiddos of the rules, takes care of Eric and likes to teach his siblings.


Cade – I’m thankful for my second-born. Cade has a curiosity and a thought process that often astounds me. He is a helper and a hard worker and has a strong sense of justice. Even at his young age, he is concerned with telling people about Jesus…which keeps me challenged!


Aubrey – I’m thankful for my girl. Aubrey lives with intensity and determination. She is all about multi-color nails and picking the right shoes for her outfit but she is also not about to be outdone or left behind by her brothers. She loves to snuggle up in my lap or help me in the kitchen.


Eric – I’m thankful for my baby…although I suppose I have to stop calling him that since he turned 1 today! Eric is such a happy baby, his smiles and giggles are quite contagious. I love seeing his little personality emerge. And I love that his favorite thing is to snuggle up with Mommy.


I am so blessed.

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