A Journey of Thankfulness – day 2

Today I am grateful for friends…for like-minded believers who will pray with and for me, who challenge me in Bible study, in worldview, in consistency in my walk. For women I can laugh & chat with and families that our family can have fun with.

I love to see God’s hand at work in bringing people in to my life at just the time I need them…and in some cases, fostering what might look like an unlikely relationship.

When I was younger, Mom told me that friends are often only for a season. I realize what she meant now. I’ve had good friendships that just faded as we ‘grew apart’ in life. I’m sad at times that things are not as they once were but I’m also grateful for the role those friends had in my life for a time.

I’m grateful for the friends I have now, in this season. New relationships that are rapidly growing, giving me encouragement and a chance to share my heart.

I’m grateful for life-long friends. You know the ones. You only see each other once in a blue moon but you can pick up right where you left off like you’ve never been apart.

I am so blessed.


One thought on “A Journey of Thankfulness – day 2

  1. Melissa says:

    I’m grateful to call you friend!

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