A Journey of Thankfulness – day 1

A few years ago, I got into the habit of spending the month of November listing things I am thankful for. It seems appropriate. I decided to blog my thankfulness journey this year but I want you to know that life is crazy right now…and not just normal crazy, we have had an extra dose the last month or so! I may not get these posted consistently every day this month but I’ll try, and my heart is in it even if it doesn’t get posted ‘on time.’ You are welcome to join me and add a link to your own Journey of Thankfulness blogposts in the comments.


Day 1 – Family

I love my family ya’ll…they rock! We have our issues and arguments sometimes but when push comes to shove we are in each others corner and willing to do whatever it takes to support and love on each other. You can’t beat that, knowing that you have someone on your team– actually a whole team on your team!

Nothing gels us together like difficult circumstances. Right now Nana is in the hospital and someone needs to be with her most of the time. No worries, we got a rotation set up. The ones who aren’t at the hospital are watching kiddos, making dinner and playing taxi. (and working!) And everyone is praying.

See? I told you…this is something to be grateful for!

I’m not just talking about my parents and siblings either. The people God has added to our family by marriage fit right in and are as much a part of the Wall family as anyone else.

I’m so blessed!



2 thoughts on “A Journey of Thankfulness – day 1

  1. You write like you live. Beautifully. Great job.

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