Laughter is the best medicine…but it doesn’t clean up vomit

How true is that statement? I mean, seriously! I am making the best use of an unexpected freeing up of my calendar today and blogging…because folding laundry and cleaning up vomit in the same day is simply cruel and unusual punishment. So here I sit, at last with the opportunity to type a bit. I’ll let you know up front, this post will probably ramble and may or may not make any valid points, share information worth sharing or even be worth your time to read. Please understand that the writer inside me has been screaming for some air for weeks now and I’ve just been so gosh-darn busy I keep having to tell her to take a number and wait in line with the rest of my want-tos, should-dos, and when-I-get-around-to-its.

Anyhoo, back to the vomit story…(you were hoping I’d get back to that, right?) 2 of my kiddos woke up not feeling well this morning. After a careful evaluation by Dr. Mom they each decided to provide me with some unplanned cleaning projects. :-/ After cleaning up and getting them set up on the couch with water, blankets, a movie and  throw up bowls, I started making calls to cancel our plans for the day.  This is about the time when I gained a new appreciation for my family, my Mom in particular. You see, a great sense of humor runs strong in my family…and sometimes the things that get us are a little odd. The best part is, we are too busy laughing to care that other people think we’ve lost it!

Case in point, this morning’s convo with my mom:



Does it get any better than that? Does anyone else have a mom that will finish her silly poem about vomit?!?! Still cracking up! Ha!

Then Mommy Dearest made a comment that, while she still meant it to be funny, got my attention turn to more serious things. “Laughter is the best medicine, but it doesn’t clean up vomit.” That’s some serious truth right there, my friend. Read it again.

Now you may be looking at that and thinking, “well, duh” and I know it is a pretty obvious statement, however, my brain is wired in such a way that I can find a spiritual lesson in almost anything…even vomit. So hang on.

Laughter is awesome. I firmly believe that we all could use a lot more laughter in our lives. Keeping a light-hearted attitude is extremely helpful in many situations, we need to not take ourselves so seriously some times. Have fun, be carefree, joke, laugh, be silly! But while you are at it, don’t forget that when there is vomit on the floor, you might need to just roll up your sleeves and get the stinky stuff cleaned up. You can skirt the issue all day, but it isn’t going to get better. In fact, it is probably going to get worse.

Why do we seem to have such a problem dealing with the gross grime of life? Just elbow grease and a “suck it up and do it” attitude will go a long way to cleaning up any mess…be it physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, relational or whatever.  Pinch your nose and hold your breath if you need to, but get in there and clean up whatever your mess may be!  Then make a joke about how bad it was and enjoy the fact that it is taken care of and you get to move on.

Speaking of getting in there and cleaning it up, I think I hear another mess-in-progress! Gotta go!


One thought on “Laughter is the best medicine…but it doesn’t clean up vomit

  1. Melissa says:

    This is so fantastic. I love you.

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