On Being a ‘Yes’ Mom and Lessons Learned

I read a blogpost a while back about being a “yes” mom. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe it is important that our kiddos learn to deal with being told no and that they learn to say no to themselves but the point she made that really struck me was this: ‘too often the no’s really mean “I don’t wanna.”’

Um, ouch. I’m teaching my kiddos that sometimes you have to get over your “I don’t wanna” and just do it and here I am, the hypocrite.

So I started consciously asking myself about every ‘no.’ And you know what? We’ve had a lot of fun. I don’t say yes every time or even every day but I’m getting better.

That brings me to today.

My brother-in-law gave my kiddos an ‘mre’– a meal ready to eat. Something he experienced while in the Marines. They have been begging to eat it but they usually don’t remember to ask about until I already have lunch or dinner made.

Today they remembered.

P & C were playing Marines– wearing their camouflage with backpacks & walkies in tow– and they remembered. They also remembered that last time they asked I had said something like, “maybe if you ask before I make a meal.” Got me.


So we unpacked the plastic shelf-stable-for-infinity package. Turkey with potatoes & gravy, crackers, peanut butter, chocolate “power bar,” cheese stuffed pretzels (they were COMBOS! My favorite not-even-close-to-real-food snack!) and powdered drink mix. There was also a little packet with a napkin, spoon, salt, coffee, powdered creamer, sugar, gum and an adorable miniature sized bottle of Tabasco sauce. (which I didn’t take a picture of, of course)


We carefully read & followed the directions for heating the turkey. Then we waited. The longest 15 minutes of their lives.


I’m sure the Marines and any other member of the armed forces eating these just rip open the package and eat but since we were sharing I opted for plates.


Other than the turkey smelling like canned tuna, they kinda liked it. Much to my surprise.


Sister joined us at this point and, although she was not about to be left out, she was not exactly sure about this meal.


Meanwhile, little E fed himself some green beans…which I’m pretty sure means he consumed more nutrition than the other three kiddos combined. 🙂

So, on this rainy day, we had a little adventure. Without even leaving the house. And while each of my kiddos enjoyed the experience they also expressed gratefulness that we don’t have to eat MREs every day. We are so blessed.

The ongoing conversation led to prayers of protection and gratefulness for our military…and also for the huge group of law enforcement working hard in and around Tampa this week with the RNC.

I’m so glad that, for that moment at least, I was a ‘yes’ mom.


3 thoughts on “On Being a ‘Yes’ Mom and Lessons Learned

  1. Judie Britt says:

    I am so glad you were a “yes” mom, too. Since I am a military mom, I always appreciate any prayers for my boys. Thanks for teaching your kids that is important. Love the blog!

  2. Heather L says:

    You are an awesome Mom! What a great thing for you to do! I’m sure the kiddos will remember today’s experience for a long time! And kudos to you for turning the conversation to military and law enforcement….home schooling at its best! 🙂

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