Wrote this a few years ago…still rings true.

I am tired of failing
and falling apart
Tired of my weakness
and faintness of heart
Tired of struggling
again and again
Of fighting a battle
I never can win
I am tired of a mouth
that will not stay closed
Tired of the hurt
that nobody knows
Tired of irritations
frustrations galore
Tired of saying sorry
then saying it some more
Tired of thinking I’m right
when I’m wrong
Tired of lying
to myself all along
I am tired of tired
but I know there is hope
He is Savior, Redeemer
the only way to cope
He is rest for the weary
Unshakable Rock
The Light in my darkness,
I hear Him knock
I have but to respond
to His gentle call
Then rest in His arms
while He takes care of it all.


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