Can You Hear Me Now?

“Hello? Hello?” Ever been the victim of a dropped call or bad reception? Trying to communicate with a poor connection is almost impossible. More than once I have found myself happily chatting away, only to realize that my dazzling conversational skills were being wasted on a piece of malfunctioning technology. So, what do we do? We redial! We shout louder! Sometimes we get frustrated and give up.


But what do we do when we feel like our spiritual life is suffering from “poor reception”? When we feel like we have lost our ‘connection’ to God? These are my thoughts:

  • Redial – Sometimes we aren’t doing our part. We cannot expect to hear from God—or feel like He hears us—when we are not ‘picking up the phone’ by having a consistent quiet time and digging into the Word through Bible study.
  • Do You Have Service? – I firmly believe that salvation is a once-and-for-all deal. That said, I also believe that sometimes a person can have an emotional experience that may not have actually included surrendering their life to Christ. It is also fairly common to assume that because they were raised in church/granddaddy was a preacher /mom has prayed for me every day of my life etc. that they are ‘covered’ in the spiritual department. Not so folks. If you, personally, have not accepted Jesus as your Savior then you are not connected. The good news is getting connected is as simple as ABC: A is ADMIT you’re a sinner, that you need Christ as your savior, and that all those who call on the Lord Jesus and obey Him will be saved. You can’t be saved without Him, nor add to or take from what Christ has done for you (Romans 3:23, 5:8, 6:23). B is BELIEVE the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. You can know He is Who He says He is by the hundreds of prophecies that came true in His Life. Many things foretold hundreds of years before His birth came true in His lifetime, and others He Himself made came true later (Romans 10:9, 10:10). C is CONFESS to the Lord and admit to yourself that you have responsibilities and that you have commitments as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. The more you know about the Lord Jesus Christ, the more you’ll want to tell other people about Him (Romans 10:13, 11:36, John 1:1)
  • Check the Connection – Is something blocking the lines of communication? Sin interrupts our connection but the blessing is that God is faithful to forgive us.
  • Keep Talking & Walking – Sometimes with a bad connection, persistence is what pays off. If you keep talking and walking around eventually you will find that ‘sweet spot’ of good cell coverage. Our spiritual life can be like that too. Not every day is going to be a spiritual high but if you stay faithful during the shredded wheat days you will have the peaches & cream days. Keep on keepin’ on.

Few things feel better than finally being able to communicate after battling poor reception. Take comfort, in times when you feel that communication between you and God is not the best, in this truth: He is El Shama.(Psalm 17:6) The God who hears me (and you!) – and He never has bad reception.



2 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Melissa says:

    After the “Manila fall out”, Mark and I were both in a serious funk. Not doubting the Lord, but bummed in a “I don’t want to function, only eat all day kind of way”. We had to Keep Walking and Talking because we are parents. You know, gotta keep it together! We know He NEVER has bad reception, so we just kept on keeping on . It didn’t last long, but it was deep.

    Good post, Sister.

  2. So, so true! He never leaves us, even when we feel like he’s not there. I am thankful. I would not want to walk this life alone.

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