BIG BELIEFS, little beliefs

I believe:

  1. No matter what the weather is, people will complain about it
  2. Coffee is best in the biggest mug you can find
  3. I need Jesus WAY more than I need coffee
  4. No matter how much he may frustrate me some days, I would never wish that my Hero was not MY Hero
  5. It is easier to stay up late than to get up early
  6. Easy things are rarely right things
  7. Family living close by is a blessing
  8. It is crazy that someone’s job can be “Parkour coach”
  9. Rainy days are for books, movies, naps, and cuddling
  10. God is able to do exceedingly immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine
  11. Nothing beats knowingyou can count on your family
  12. My daughter is adorable when she chooses the wear her hair in “a ponytail on each side and a braid in the back”
  13. It is awesome that she does not know and does not care that others might think its weird
  14. Everyone has a story
  15. The more stuff you own the more it owns you
  16. The skinniest people are not necessarily the healthiest…or happiest
  17. A squared + B squared = C squared
  18. We don’t live in the Spirit accidentally
  19. The good is often the enemy of the best
  20. A parent/teacher should teach their children to love learning and give them the tools to learn
  21. My sons are Heroes-in-the-making
  22. Common sense is not common enough
  23. Giving the benefit of the doubt never hurt anyone
  24. The ‘C’ in vitamin C stands for Chocolate
  25. You need lots of Vitamin C every day

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7 thoughts on “BIG BELIEFS, little beliefs

  1. Of course, 12 and 13 are my fave

  2. Valerie Childers says:

    Loved these! I could relate to so many.

  3. Melissa says:

    Yay! for 16, 19, 22!

  4. katie says:

    Love these!! especially 19!!

  5. mamabear7 says:

    So true! Nodding my head, giggling a little and saying, ‘oh, me’!
    Enjoying your musings!

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