Water, Water Everywhere


I love rainy weather; the sounds are relaxing (unless it is stormy but then I like it because it reminds me of our big and powerful God), the rain itself washes, refreshes and renews everything it touches. It is the perfect weather for reading & watching movies, for cuddling up and doing nothing. Since we currently have some kiddos feeling under the weather (ha! no pun intended) that is all we had on the agenda for the weekend anyway. My apologies to those of you who wish it was sunny and fine because you would rather be at the beach.

In the midst of this rather rainy weekend, I’ve been musing…that’s what the blog title says I do, right? I’ve been musing about water.

Water is precious, my friends. Without water there is no life. But are we grateful for water on a daily basis? Probably not…not until we have to do without it.

You see, our pump quit on us a couple of weeks ago and we spent 2 days without water. During that same time we were reading blog updates from friends who are in Ethiopia…they can only drink bottled water, the water they cook with must be put through a large countertop filter unit and for several days the water to the house was off for one reason or another. It kinda puts all this rain into a different perspective for me.

Without water you cannot wash clothes, dishes, hands, or bodies. You cannot quench your thirst and stay hydrated. You can’t flush toilets. (did you hear me? You cannot *flush the toilet*!!) Without water there is no COFFEE! Now, that is downright inhumane!

These are the short-range issues, if water is cut off or limited for a longer period of time our food is affected – plants don’t grow, animals die. So why aren’t we grateful every day when we turn on the faucet and good, clean water comes out? When we turn on our washing machine or dishwasher and they do their job because the water comes through the lines as it should? Why do we complain about the inconvenience of rain when we know that drought brings death?

If you have never had to spend a day without water I encourage you to give it a try. Plan ahead and have some bottled water to drink and make sure you have at least a few clean clothes & dishes. (unlike when our water went out!) Label every faucet with an “out-of-order” sign. Every time you go to wash your hands, stop and thank God for water and our easy access to it, then reach for the hand sanitizer. When you are hot and sweaty, thank God for water while you wipe down with baby wipes. When you go to cook dinner, thank God for water while you figure out what you can cook without it. (hint: forget pasta, try sandwiches!)

Can you make it one whole day? Would you have to break down and take a shower cause you just can’t stand it? Here comes the kicker: that evening, as your stinky family gathers together for a dinner of sandwiches. Talk about gratefulness, share what you learned. THEN ask “if we find it so difficult to live one day (or even and hour or two) without water, why do we sometimes act like we only need to be filled with the Living Water once a week?” That brings it home, doesn’t it? Is water more important to you (and me) than God? Or do we just take Him for granted like we do water? Maybe there is a reason ours souls feel parched so often. I know this is a cheesy metaphor but God is a well that always has an abundance of the purest water…all we have to do is tap into it.

So how about you? Are you grateful for water? Are you tapped in to the Living Water every day?

Grab a glass of water, sit and listen to the rain, and muse along with me.

Thank You, Lord, water and for this much needed rain.  Thank You for refreshing us with Your Holy Spirit today.


4 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere

  1. katie says:

    love the analoagy Heidi!! I think about this with food very often. Very few of us will ever experience starvation physically, but how often do we starve our spirits of the Bread of Life. Also a great new way to look at this rainy day!!

  2. Heather says:

    Great musings, and very well said! Oh to be grateful for all the daily “common” blessings!

  3. Rachel says:

    lovely post! such a good reminder

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