The 5 Ws and an H

– why am I writing a blog?
I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. If you dig through any of my many notebooks and journals (and I ask that you please do not!) you will find story ideas, character names information, bits of poems, random quotes and inspirational sayings. Life, however, is busy and I have written very little over the past few years. I’m hoping that blogging will give me the opportunity and incentive to write on a regular basis.
– what am I going to write about?
Life. Relationships. Parenting. Home education. Scripture. Hilarious happenings. Basically what’s going on in my life and, hopefully, some encouragement for your life. That is a key word for me: encouragement. I love to encourage and challenge others so expect some of that along the way.
– who would read this?
Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe no one. Time will tell.
– when am I going to find the time to write and how will I keep it from taking over my life?
I’m still figuring this out. 🙂 For now, my goal is to write a little each day and post at least once a week. Of course, I may find that I have lots to say and post more often.

So that’s my 5 Ws and an H. Not an exciting post, to be sure, but remember, I am just getting my feet wet here. Wait ’til I get going! (comment if you recognize that as a quote!)


One thought on “The 5 Ws and an H

  1. Heather says:

    Aww love the “princess bride” quote! 🙂

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